Home Technology Lenovo Yoga S940 review: Sleek ultrabook with impressive bezel-less display.

Lenovo Yoga S940 review: Sleek ultrabook with impressive bezel-less display.


The Lenovo Yoga S940 is an incredible MacBook elective with all the more dominant particulars in an amazingly slim body alongside a top-notch construct quality. At Rs 1.46 lakhs, it’s probably the best window 10 ultrabooks you can purchase.

Lenovo’s Yoga association of ultrabooks parades the absolute excellent ultraportable PCs you may discover inside the market nowadays. The Yoga PCs with their novel pivots make for awesome 2-in-1 convertibles that likewise are very down to earth to stay with once an afternoon. Be that as it can, Lenovo has these days began imparting its ultra-flexible normal PCs in the Yoga association. The Yoga S940 is one such model that turned into propelled for more than one month in the country as an adversary to the Apple MacBook PCs.

The Yoga S940 turned into advertised as a workstation with bent side screens. Indeed, the display screen at the Yoga S940 bends further as it does on some top-rate cellular telephones, as an instance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and OnePlus 7 Pro. Aside from the display screen, the PC is long gone for the people who search for a light PC for taking around of their knapsack continuously. Beginning at Rs 1. Three lakhs, it’s miles very luxurious and there are a few splendid choices at this cost even from the Windows universe. Does this gift a strong defense for itself?

Lenovo’s ultra-thin workstation resembles a sheet of metal

I won’t beat around the bramble – the Yoga S940 essentially resembles a sheet of metal. This is a thin PC and the fashioners have astutely shrouded the mass. There are no obvious air vents around – you can see them under the workstation just as between the top’s pivots. The top itself has a matte completion with the Yoga marking on the top. The silver accents go around the sides, consequently giving the PC an exceptionally premium look and feel.

On the edges, you will see three USB-C Thunderbolt ports, of which on backings quick charging. It would have been exceptional if Lenovo figured out how to offer a USB-A port yet given the objective is to keep the suspension incredibly thin and the USB-C ports add to the reason.

Open the top and you are welcomed by a greater amount of the sheer metallic beauty. The deck looks clean with the uniform matte surface all around while the console and trackpad are joined conveniently in the structure. The two speakers are available either side of the console and this assists with better (and noisy) sound execution when contrasted with base mounted speakers. While I like the metallic completion inside, it heats up awkwardly following an hour and I regularly ended up searching for a table to proceed with my work.

Within the top has the much-discussed the showcase with the bent edges and that has helped in lessening the bezels. Truth be told, the bezels are very meager on every one of the sides and there’s a greater amount of screen all over the place. Tragically, the invert score for lifting the top houses the camera and the IR sensor, and this could be annoying on the off chance that you have sweat-soaked palms as the smirch will in general trouble these sensors.

Incredible review experience ensured

One of the Yoga S940’s features is the showcase and Lenovo have unmistakably hit the ball out of the recreation center. The 14-inch Full HD IPS LCD screen is outstanding amongst others I have seen on a PC of late. It offers punchy hues with high differences and incredible splendor levels. The survey edges are wide too.


The punchy hues make watching motion pictures an extraordinary encounter on this screen. Notwithstanding doing customary Windows stuff, for example, looking through organizers and taking a shot at archives looks fascinating because of the screen’s extraordinary hues. The limited bezels just add to the inundation and regardless of the polished smirch cherishing surface, it impresses exceptionally.

Choice execution for regular processing

The Yoga S940 is a premium ultrabook and Lenovo has guaranteed that it conveys execution that is normal from a workstation of its group. The adaptation that I had for audit accompanied the eighth Gen Intel Core i7-8565U processor timed at 2GHz. There’s 16GB RAM and you get 1TB SSD stockpiling as standard. There’s no committed designs card on this one yet given that it’s a thin ultrabook, the vast majority will get it for regular stuff as opposed to messing around or altering recordings.


Also, till the time you aren’t attempting to mess around or alter recordings, the Yoga S940 is an incredible entertainer. Applications open quick and there’s no slack in whatever it does. I had the option to keep up to 12 tabs in Google Chrome opened, with some of them in Google Docs and one spilling music out of sight – the PC never gave indications of stress. As expressed before, with slight outstanding tasks at hand for long sessions, the workstation heats up awkwardly however the exhibition stays unaffected. Thus, for day by day stuff, for example, composing reports, making introductions, web perusing and watching recordings, the Yoga S940 has all that could be needed execution.

The top-mounted speakers on the deck are bounty noisy with clear sound yet the volume is still sufficiently uproarious for a solitary individual in a shut room. For a punchier sound encounter, connecting a remote or wired speaker or earphone is proposed.

The console is adequate for composing medium-sized 1,000 words reports. The keys are broadly scattered however they need more travel. Subsequently, it winds up awkward to take a shot at longer archives. The trackpad is incredibly precise and responsive, and the size is enormous enough to make regular registering simple.

The incredible battery makes it throughout the day friend

The Yoga S940 accompanies a 52WHr battery and joined with every one of the advancements being made. It conveys amazing outcomes. The Yoga S940 is appraised to convey as long as 15 hours of battery life and in my use. I found the Yoga S940 to convey near 10 hours of battery life on a solitary charge. This battery life was with the normal outstanding burdens, for example, dealing with records, web perusing, music spilling and incidental YouTube sessions for the day. The 65W charger tops off the battery very quickly and it’s light enough to bear in the rucksack throughout the day.


The Lenovo Yoga S940 is an incredible ultra-premium lightweight PC that cash can purchase today. It looks and feels premium, is very light to bear, has an incredible showcase and a dependably long one-day battery life. The presentation is quick for regular figuring undertakings with the highest point of-the-line Intel processors. Furthermore, at Rs 1.4 lakhs, it appears to be noteworthy as a general bundle.

In any case, the Yoga S940 contends with any semblance of Dell’s XPS 13, HP Envy X360, Asus ZenBook 14 and Apple MacBook 13-inch. Every one of these workstations is similarly great and, at times, increasingly amazing with fresher processors and committed illustrations card. Consequently, in spite of the top-notch looks and manufacture, the Yoga S940 isn’t the best alternative in its classification.

So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to get the Lenovo Yoga S940 over the others. If you need a light and thin ultrabook with an incredible restricted bezel show, tasteful looks, and one-day battery life, the Yoga S940 possesses all the necessary qualities.


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